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Our massage times are ‘on the table’ estimates so please allow an additional fifteen minutes to one half hour for your total appointment time.  You are welcome to relax before or after your massage in one of our public or private relaxation areas.

Beginning with the technique requested in your appointment reservation our licensed massage therapist will begin with a consultation to determine with you which techniques best suit your needs for that session. Depending on scheduling and availability you and the massage therapist may choose to change the type of massage to be received and the Concierge Desk will be notified of the change before or after the massage by the attending employee and any price adjustments will be made by the Concierge Desk employee. Our One Hour Massage descriptions are below including Swedish style, deep tissue, aromatherapy, therapeutic, and pre-natal. When performing the massage, the therapist will maintain full draping of the body with the exception of the area being massaged.

What about a full body massage?  A full body Swedish Massage typically requires one hour or more and may include the following areas, scalp, neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs and feet.  Since we book by time and technique, you and the therapist will determine any areas of specific focus for the duration of your session.  Therapeutic Massage may include other muscle groups when necessary to relieve edema or pain.

Information on your health as required by best practices and the information and consent required by the State of Texas will be collected on your first appointment, and at minimum on an annual basis, and more specific discussion of your therapeutic needs will be identified and noted in your client records.  Shorter sessions of one hour or less will be limited to specific treatment areas such as neck and shoulders, or lower back and legs, or neck, hands and feet, etc.  All appointments are reserved for the time indicated plus additional time for consultation before the massage and a few minutes rest on the table.  Additional time may be made available if you need more rest and relaxation in one of our private or shared areas or to transition between services.  Please review our late and cancellation policies as you make your appointment.

You Choose!  Use our book online function to review all of our massage therapy options ranging from 30 minutes on up.  Prices vary by technique and time. To find out pricing for our services click here!

60 Minute Swedish Massage – This is the relaxing massage you seek!  Typically longqtq80-tuswMA stroking movements using the forearm, palm, thumbs and elbows are used with light to medium pressure.   The main purpose is to increase oxygen flow and release toxins such as lactic acid that accumulate in the muscle tissue.  Recommended for clients new to the massage experience or for those that simply want to relax.

60 Minute Therapeutic Massage – The spa-aaah favorite!  This massage is both relaxing and therapeutic.  Generally a Swedish Massage for relaxation, but additional techniques are used to address specific areas of tension, pain or tightness.  Based on your needs, some deeper pressure may be used on specific areas of tension.  It is a favorite among our regular clients because with repetition, they are more flexible, relaxed and tension free.   Highly recommended for clients that receive regular massage.

60 Minute  Aromatherapy Massage – Melt away your stress with an Aromatherapy Massage. This is a Swedish Massage in which the therapist will choose from our Ayurvedic based lotions, oils or creams infused with ingredients such as Kava Kava, St. John’s Wort, Valerian or essential Lavender Oil. The light scent will help you completely relax the mind and body. This is an ideal choice if your tension is caused by stress. There is often a mild and pleasing lavender or other scent from the essential oils utilized in the lotion, cream or oil used for the treatment.

60 Minute Hot Stone Massage

Relaxing hot stone massage. This is a variant of qtq80-YTzZKdSwedish Massage that incorporates warm granite and/or basaltic stones that are used as a tool to warm and deeply massage the tissues.

60 Minute Pre-Natal Massage – Addresses the major areas of tension in the pregnant woman’s body.  Bolsters, supports, and pillows are used for support on a massage table.  The lift table allows the therapist to adjust table height during the massage.

60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage – It is a work out!  Therapeutic massage with deep, intense pressure, lifting and stretching of muscle tissue and other techniques applied to major muscle groups as needed to restore length and flexibility to the fascia, relieve chronic tension, break up restrictive scar tissue.  Improves posture, range of motion and the harmony of the body.  Therapists may not choose to use lotion, oil or creams in this massage.  Involves deep intense strokes.  Adhesions and trigger points are addressed to relieve tenderness.  Client may be sore for one or two days after this massage.

Use our online booking system to begin the Bella Fontana experience you deserve today!  Or, call 903.893.6222 and speak with our Concierge Desk for additional information or to schedule an appointment.

To find out pricing for our services click here!

We serve the North Central Texas and South Central Oklahoma area surrounding Lake Texoma. This includes Denison, Pottsboro, Bonham, Gainesville, Whitesboro, Whitewright, Howe, Van Alstyne and the greater Sherman Denison area, as well as Durant, Achille, Tishomingo, Bryan, Marshall and Choctaw Counties in Oklahoma.

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