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At Bella Fontana Body Wraps and Treatments are a real treat, not a real mess!  Our Spa Treatments are typically delivered in the HydroTherm3 (Hydro3) to deliver deeper infusion. Rather than simply wrapping the client in a confining and claustrophobic warming blanket, our Hydro3 vichy shower and steam table infuses the treatment and any remainder can be quickly and efficiently rinsed off. You are less limited in movement, and the steam and vichy shower cleanse more thoroughly. Body wraps and treatments help firm the skin and improve appearance. You may visit our Health and Wellness page to learn more.

Hydroco Thermal Capsule

The built in vichy shower and hand spray enables us to hydromassage the products off the body while the client relaxes. Alternatively, these treatments may be delivered in a mylar or other wrap depending on the product used and it’s intensity. Our options are less claustrophobic and more comfortable for the client, while intensifying the spa treatment value. Please let us know if you have preferences among these options.  All treatments last 30-50 minutes.  Some of our treatments are listed below.  Click the link to find out more.

Steam Detox Mud Wrap Treatment – You begin by lying on our steam table with the garments of your choice, then your body is covered in a detoxifying bentonite clay masque and wrapped in our special sheets followed by a 20 minute steam treatment. Your skin will naturally cleanse and re-hydrate providing a youthful rejuvenational experience with results that speak for themselves. Our professional staff will be at your disposal in order to provide the best service possible as well as ensure our clients safety and comfort.

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Purchase gift certificates on-line now.  Instant Gift Certificate can include our body wraps and treatments to improve the firmness, elasticity and texture of the skin on your hips and thighs, upper arms and decollete.  A more youthful appearance comes from firm, hydrated skin in great condition all over.  Call 903.893.6222 to book your appointment or purchase your gift certificate by phone today.

At Bella Fontana, we have a variety of European Spa therapies including highly aromatic oils. These are either applied as a body treatment, or used in our Hydroco Hydrotherm3, a medical grade hydrotherapy tub, steam table and vichy shower. We are unique in our ability to provide true spa services in this area!  You deserve the Bella Fontana Experience, and therapeutic hydrotherapy and balneotherapy are just the beginning to creating a more beautiful, well and inspired you!

Face, Body, Hair, Well Being  . . .  It’s Our Business!

Our  Employees are trained to treat your body and skin to the finest, world class spa treatments. When you make your appointment, discuss your skin and body care objectives with the Concierge Desk at 903.893.6222.To find out pricing for our services click here!

Nature Beauty – Beauty through the power of nature from Bella Fontana. The products we use on your skin contain highly effective natural active ingredients. The herbal oils infusing the sugar and salt scrubs from Soothing Touch have properties that calm or stimulate while moisturizing. Each product line we use for body treatments  have cellulite reduction and anti-aging properties.

Body Glow Treatments – Offering one of our seasonal exfoliating oil, salt or sugar scrub selections for Body Polish that may include lavender, peppermint, rosemary or other herbal and essential oils. Cocooned in a warm, blanket of steam, your body will eliminate toxins and excess water. Your body’s sweat eliminates toxins and water retention as you steam infuse for 10-20 minutes. The treatment is performed on the Hydro3 with a built in vichy shower and hand spray enables us to hydromassage the products off the body while the client relaxes.

Maritime Salt Crystal Bath – A variety of Sea Salts from the Dead Sea or ancient mountain deposits facilitate detoxification in the therapeutic bath.

Sauna –  Far Infrared– The skin is the largest organ system of the body.  We hear so much about detoxification these days, and the skin is the primary mechanism for detoxifying our body.  Relax, burn calories (up to 600 per session for the far infrared sauna) and detoxify today at Bella Fontana. Our Sauna is also available at no additional charge with any full price one and one half hour massage.

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