Bella Facial Skin Care



Bellissima Specialized Facial – An hour facial that varies based on your skin type. The available types are Deep Cleanse, Desensitize, Purify, Reinforce, Rejuvenate, and Restore.

Nia-Stem KX Brightening Facial – This scientifically advanced anti-aging, rejuvenating facial treatment blends advanced technology of plant derived stem cells with niacin. B. Kamins’ innovative formula will stimulate the skin, boost hydration and cosmetically improve the radiance of the skin. Skin will look brighter, more evenly toned, feel increased suppleness, while reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Immediate Benefits are:
Increased brightness and clarity
Improvement in levels of hydration and moisture
Reduced hyper-pigmentation
Significantly improved wrinkle appearance

Signature Facial – Our Signature Facial 45 minute Facial is customized for your skin type. The esthetician or cosmetologist will cleanse, exfoliate, treat and may perform extractions or facial massage or other treatments as necessary.


B. Kamins Laboratories Product Line-


Who are they?
  • A modern spa line that fuses the visible results of clinical skincare with the luxurious experience of a spa visit.
  • The name B. Kamins comes from Ben Kaminsky, their founder and CEO.
  • With 40+ years of experience as a dermatological chemist, Mr. Kaminsky has developed and registered numerous prescriptions and over-the-counter pharmaceutical products.
  • Pioneers in the treatment of Rosacea conditions, damaged, and hormone-deprived mature skin.
  • A comprehensive product line for both women and men focusing on a range of skin conditions including aging, sensitive, menopause, rosacea, reddened, acne, eczema, problematic, extra dry, and every day skin types.
What sets them apart?
  • Problem/Solution brand targeting specific skin conditions for visible results.
  • Their experience in formulating prescription medications allows them to take a modern approach to treating skin in its various stages of aging. As well, it allows them to specialize in finding solutions and benefits for specific skin conditions such as aging, hormone-deprived, sun-damaged, rosacea, acne, sensitive, extra-dry/dehydrated, etc.
  • The Highest pharmaceutical grade ingredients are used when formulating their products.
Their Story
  • Ben Kaminsky first formulated products for his family members over 40 years ago. Two specific events led to the creation of one of their first products, the Menopause Skin Cream:
    • An ice fishing trip in the harsh, cold Canadian winter led to the discovery that the life-sustaining sap from maple trees is an excellent ingredient for skin care.
    • Mrs. Kaminsky entering menopause and finding no cosmetic or dermatological product to alleviate the symptoms of hormonal fluctuation on the skin.

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