Chemical Peels Stimulate the Formation of Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid

A recent article in Les Nouvelles Esthetiques and Spa, a skin care and spa professional magazine noted the concern caused in one Sex and the City episode. Whether traditional news outlets, or situation comedies, personal services and the possibility of risk and the humor or tragedy it may cause sells on television. In this case, one of the main characters receives a chemical peel from her physician that causes extreme redness and swelling such that she wears a veil to an important party.

We receive a lot of questions about chemical peels, microdermabrasion, dermabrasion, dermaplaning and even Botox, Dermal Fillers and Plastic Surgery. Most of these questions come from men and women in their thirties through their sixties and many have never ventured into professional skin care, but are considering the options.  In short, it is always wise to begin at the least invasive level before moving into services and treatments that require down time or hiding behind a veil. In the case of certain laser treatments and chemical peels, the Jessner Peel or the Obagi Peel will remove the topmost layers of the skin leaving the pink or red dermis or dermal layers exposed in varying degrees. Some of these procedures require up to two weeks for the initial healing phase, and even longer to produce the desired results.

There are numerous superficial chemical peels and treatments, however, that over time may produce similar results without the downtime or the need for that veil! The idea that all peels leave the skin unsightly and uncomfortable for days following treatment is a myth and one of several misconceptions about chemical peeling.

Debunking the Myths (summarized from Dispelling the Myths About Chemical Peels, Les Nouvelle Esthetiques & Spa, November 2011)

  1. Myth – Skin is Red, irritated and peeling for at least a week following a chemical peel. The truth is that “this is a somewhat outdated misconception, as there are now a multitude of acids and acid blends that induce a very superficial (limited to the stratum corneum) or superficial (limited to the epidermis) exfoliation.” While erythema (redness) may occur on the skin immediately after a peel and mild to moderate flaking for three to five days after treatment may occur, this should not interfere with patients’ day to day lives. Some of the very superficial peels at Bella Fontana Spa result in redness up to a few hours, leaving the skin smoother and more receptive to facial treatments, serums and protective lotions.
  2. Myth – Rosacea patients are contraindicated for chemical peels because they are too aggressive. Truth – Most chemical peels are contraindicated, however there are many types of treatments that will reduce inflammation and redness to improve the appearance of rosaceal. One of these at Bella Fontana Spa is the Iderm® Treatment that purifies, strengthens and tones the skin using a galvanic current.
  3. Myth – Chemical peels thin the skin over time. Truth – superficial chemical peels stimulate the formation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid eventually making the skin thicker over time and preserving a more youthful appearance. The misunderstanding of the Hayflick limit, or the cellular process discovered in the 1960’s by Leonard Hayflick, Ph.D., indicates the number of times a cell can divide before its death. Chemical peels and exfoliation treatment do promote cellular turnover. However, the Hayflick limit is not a concern with superficial and lighter chemical peels because the epidermis contains stem cells that stimulate the production of new cells and are unaffected by the Hayflick limit. This stimulation is exactly the process we want to produce to keep and protect newer and younger cells and reduce the retention of the old, dead and dying cells. Deep peels, however, target the dermis which does not contain stem cells and this is why the length between treatments is much longer. Deep peels may be need to performed only once or twice in a patient’s lifetime and should only be performed as prescribed by a Medical Doctor.

We highly recommend our Signature Facials, either the Iderm® Treatment or a european style facial every two weeks or monthly, depending on the desired maintenance level results and for some clients and patients a chemical peel series once or twice per year. With proper home care using our skin care lines. your will notice the difference and so will everyone else.

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