Body Treatments (Body Wrap) at the Spa and for Home

Taking care of your skin beyond your face is one of our specialties! Our treatments include exfoliation and steam infusing ayurvedic and essential oils into your skin resulting in smoother and softer skin all over.

To exfoliate we use either a Dead Sea or evaporated sea salt with a blend of various Ayurvedic oils that might include almond, grapeseed, apricot kernel, safflower, sunflower or avocado oil, Vitamin E and essential oils like lavender, peppermint, rosemary, vanilla, tangerine, cedar sage or eucalyptus. We bring in different scrubs based on the season and their cooling or warming effect. In and of themselves, salt scrubs blended with the Ayurvedic oils help to release toxins and this is intensified by the steam infusion. Our steam bed typically feels warm and comfortable as you lie on your back with your head out of the capsule.

Another exfoliation treatment is blended with Organic Brown Sugar (70%) and with the Ayurvedic Oils contains natural fatty acids that leave you with healthy and visibly radiant skin. The natural alpha-hydroxy-acids found in brown sugar help feed the skin’s surface and create greater elasticity, locks in moisture and firms up the texture of the skin while detoxifying in the steam. The essential oils in these blends are french vanilla latte with french roast coffee and vanilla extract, chocolate peppermint, mango ginger, cranberry, vanilla orange, desert blossom and rest and relax with kava kava, valerian and lavender.

Both the Sugar and Salt Scrubs are available in our Bella Boutique for you to extend your treatment and use at home!

Take your detoxification and exfoliation a little further with our extended body treatments using marine blue algae, volcanic clay, lactic clay or lactic clay with herbs. In these treatments we exfoliate and rinse first using a sugar or salt scrub, then apply the body treatment and then steam for 20 minutes. You will feel great! To read more about these treatments visit our website! Or go directly to our online booking.

Whether you want to detox, enrich or simply exfoliate and smooth, we have the right body treatment for you! Check out packages online to reap additional savings with spa packages!

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